Sprint kayaking

Sprint Kayak Racing is one of the two Olympic events in the kayaking world and takes place on flat water at regattas. The distances raced are 200m, 500m, and 1000m. In some competitions 5km and 10km races are included. At the Olympics there are 200m and 1000m races. Competitions are held on a course with 9 lanes, heats, semi-finals and finals. The first across the line wins, and races take place in singles, doubles and fours.

Marathon Kayaking

Marathon racing is an event combining skill, stamina and tactics, and can be enjoyed by paddlers of all ages and abilities. It attracts large numbers of kayakers onto the rivers, canals and lakes of the UK throughout the year.

Marathon covers a wide range of events with distances from a few miles to over 100. Many longer races are divided into classes based on age and gender of competition, and the type of craft. Races forming the Hasler Trophy competition in England cater for single and double kayaks and are raced in divisions based on ability. Novices compete over distances of about 4 miles and the most experienced race over distances of up to 12 miles.

How to join in

Training sessions are usually held at the club on several days a week, usually on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. You will be able to see an updated schedule on the events calendar page – some sessions may be cancelled or moved due to other activities at the club.