Whitewater paddling focuses on the features created naturally by rivers and their obstacles, as well as man-made weirs and canals. This is a good discipline to try if you have never paddled before, as it will give you all the key skills needed, as well as teaching you to be responsible for yourself and others on the open water.

Club member launching kayak off drop at Nene whitewater centre

At the club, we make frequent trips to Coxes Lock, a small weir along the canal. This gives us plenty of opportunities to practise flat water and moving water skills, as well as providing a sheltered environment to coach beginners in.

​As you become more experienced, you can progress to other weirs in the local area, as well as visit artificial courses and real rivers.

How to join in

Club paddles are usually held on Saturday afternoons. During the summer these tend to be from the club, and in the winter we make use of local weirs.